About me

moje zdjecie

Yes, that's me. Sorry I don't have better photo. :-)

Born in 1980 (if you look, I survive martial law) in Koluszki. Since 2009 I live in Gdynia.

In 2005-2009 I was Ph.D. student and assistant in Institute of Electronics at Technical University of Lodz (develop unique software for develop ad-hoc networks for indoor geolocation systems). In 2005 I defended my M.Sc. dissertation about using economics in telecomunications networks in Electrical and Electronics Faculty. A level exam (matura) I pass in 2000 in Technical School of Electronics in 10/18 Strykowska Street, Lodz. See my CV below for more information.

In previous employer have created from scratch the total rule of software development: from placing the code version control system to communicate with other departments. In addition, I was responsible for creating (previously absent) testers team and management in accordance with the Scrum methodology. But mainly, I create tools for testing SCA (Software Communication Architecture) and SDR (Software Defined Radio) on POSIX-like systems: Linux and QNX, particularly in the area of networking for the ESSOR project.

I have worked in IVONA Software (An Amazon Company), where I develop Text-to-Speech applications for Linux and Windows operating systems. Now I develop software mainly for embedded systems (but not only) in UTC F&S.

Since four years – in free time – I work as volunteer in the international project of GNU/Linux as one of the main testers. I'm co-author ”Linux Kernel Tester's Guide” book – firstly written in Polish, which met with interest so has been translated into English. In addition, I co-management of list of regression and errors reported in the bug tracking system. Effects of my work can be found in Linux kernel release notes, typing my name in the Internet search engine, like Google, can tell lot of about my work at these systems.

Interests: development Free Software such as Linux, electronics, telecommunications, astronomy, reading books (detective stories and historical), photography (nature, architecture, reportage).

I hate: spam, stupidity, boorishness, lie and cynicism (greetings to Walentyna Krężałek, my teacher who always told it to us).

My curriculum vitae:
Polish version.
English version.

My scientific publications.